Cover to Cover – Writing WA

Episode 9 of Writing WA’s Cover to Cover features a discussion of Carousel.

“This book comes back to me often as I ponder the notion of is it better to be in that controlled environment that you know, or to burst out and to explore the unknown, and what do we choose for ourselves.” – Chief Executive Officer of Awesome, Jenny Simpson.

The episode is a great insight into the current landscape of West Australian books for children. Meri Fatin, Jenny Simpson, and Sharon McCarthy cover a range of local authors and their books. Thank you Writing WA for putting together such a quality production, and for including Carousel.

Westerly Magazine Reviews ‘Carousel’

Westerly magazine has reviewed ‘Carousel’.

“Ritchie writes with insight and casual elegance, managing to create a work that, though driven by the characters’ boredom and the shrinkage of their physical world, is rich and moving.”

You can read more of Jen Banyard’s review on Westerly’s website.

The Advertiser Reviews Carousel

The Advertiser’s SA Weekend Magazine has given Carousel four stars.

It is a relief to see this WA author is writing a sequel to his addictive first
novel … – Katharine England

South Australians can turn to page 32 of the July 11-12 edition for the full review.

Brendan interviewed by The West Australian

The Books section of The West Australian newspaper featured an interview with Brendan yesterday.

“Some reviewers have likened Ritchie to Kafka, and it’s not hard to see why. Despite having everything they could possibly want, the prisoners of Carousel, a parody of Paradise, are just that, and a sense of unease and impending doom pervades the novel.”

You can read more of William Yeoman’s article over on The West’s website.

Brendan Ritchie, photo by William Yeoman.

Brendan Ritchie, photo by William Yeoman.